Latest news and events from us

A social campaign to change our future

27. March 2020

We have launched a social campaign to rethink and restart our future. Coming from our current COVID-19 situation, we have a chance to stop and rethink how we are doing things in our lives. A change is coming without our consent or wish, but this is also a chance to start a change ourselves and create a new and better future for everyone. There is enough resources for everyone in this world, so it is just the matter of distribution. Now is the time to reevaluate and reconsolidate. Share the thoughts and join the movement.

Stay at home, stay safe!

17. March 2020

Dear supporters, as you may know the world is facing heavy difficulties regarding the coronavirus. We from Domdesign would like to ask you to be careful during these times and to follow the measurements and instructions by your government.

Free CMS website for those in need

16. March 2020

Times are desperate in the hour of Worldwide pandemic of corona virus. We have decided to step in and help with our resources. We are starting a campaign to make websites for charity and good cause organisations.

Domdesign Foundation starts

15. March 2020

Domdesign phillantrophy has been a part of Domdesign since the beginning and with the creation of the website the story launches officially. We plan to join all our foundation activity on this website and act even more connected and focused. Domdesign Foundation is the start of something that will shape and contribute to the world around us as well as affect our personal lives positively and fill them wit an even greater sense of purpose.